Moon & Milk


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Channel your moon goddess with these handmade brass crescent moon earrings with citrine or garnet gemstones. A perfect addition for your boho bridal jewelry collection.
  • Antique gold brass crescent moon earrings with gemstones
  • Stones Available: Citrine and Hessonite Garnet
  • Birthstone Month: Citrine November
  • Birthstone Month: Garnet January
  • Ear Wire: Sterling Silver
  • Handmade
  • Nickel free

Harriet Tubman was an American woman who escaped slavery and became an abolitionist and humanitarian. She will be the first woman to appear in the United States currency. 


Citrine is also known as "success stone" because it brings success and prosperity, especially in business. And it is also called the "Merchant's Stone" because of the practice of placing this stone in the cash registers at stores.


Hessonite Garnet is a variety of Grossular Garnet that may range in color from yellow to a deep red-orange. It is often called the “Cinnamon Stone”. Hessonite has been used for centuries as an amulet for prosperity, good health, and happiness. Garnet, in general, is well-known for being a gemstone associated with success, especially in business.

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