About Us

After my trip to Machu Picchu I knew that I couldn’t continue working an office job because I felt a sense of freedom in the mountains and my soul needed more. I went back to work but a couple months after, I was terminated. And just like in the movies, I left with my $5 dollar money tree plant that I bought at the farmer’s market and went home to think about my big next step.

While I was in Peru my admiration for artisan women grew at every stall at the flea market. I realized that I was not only looking at jewelry but I was looking at generational artistic craftsmanship and I knew I wanted to take part of it. I wanted to create something authentic, something that represented my culture, my beliefs, and my dreams. But I was a bit lost until one day, I saw a beautiful pair of beaded earrings on Instagram and that was it. I felt a connection right away. I got on YouTube and taught myself how to make beaded earrings within a week.

Fast forward time, I can finally call myself not only an entrepreneur but a jewelry designer. Every day I am grateful for having this opportunity and privilege to make my dream come true and I am a believer that with the right mind-set and perseverance you can achieve your wildest dreams. I will continue this beautiful journey to use the fashion platform to create a brand that values authenticity, culture, creativity, and most importantly, freedom.

As you begin browsing through the website, you'll noticed that each piece is named after a powerful woman. I have chosen these women because I believe they have broken the glass ceiling. There are hundreds of other women out there that I have not yet learned about but if you'd like to see a piece named after a kick-ass woman, send me a message here. Take your time and enjoy browsing through every piece and learn about these phenomenal women that have immensely contributed to our world.

Alejandra Garcia
Designer and Founder of Moon & Milk