About us

Women all over the world have worn jewelry for hundreds of years to express themselves. Although the jewelry that a woman from Copenhagen wears may not look the same as the jewelry from a woman from Cuzco, at the end both women use jewelry to decorate their bodies and represent their culture whether they are aware of it or not. Both women have more in common than what they think and using jewelry to make a fashion, cultural, or political statement is something that ALL women have done throughout history. Please note that most importantly, women throughout history have been more than fashion icons, they have fought for justice and equality and have died and have paved the road for a better future, and that is something all of us can admire. We cannot deny that we have different experiences and cultural backgrounds but let’s celebrate what unites us and let’s celebrate the brilliant women that have taught us that there are no limits other than our fears. Moon & Milk it’s not just a jewelry website but it’s a tribute to all the kick-ass women that have left their mark in the history of the world.

As you begin browsing through the beautiful earrings, bracelets,necklaces and rings, you’ll noticed that the pieces are named after women. I have chosen these women because I believe they have broken the infamous glass ceiling. There are hundreds of other women out there that I have no yet learned about but if you like to see a piece named after a kick-ass woman, go to Contact Us and send your request. Take your time and enjoy browsing through every piece and learn about these fantastic women that have contributed so much to the world.