Summer in Bavaria

Felina and Maya working it and making it look easy!

Felina learning how to work this awesome underwater camera!

These ladies were trying to figure out how to take the photographs underwater without getting too much sand in the shot. It was a bit of a challenge, nonetheless, these professionals got it quick!

Strike a pose there's nothing to it, VOGUE! 

Did I tell you guys that Felina is not only a photographer but also a fashion designer, model, poet, and hundreds of other things!? She's sooooo talented!

Juliana is the sexiest mermaid in Bavaria in case you guys didn't know. She doesn't have social media because she's too cool so if you guys want to meet her, you guys will have to come to Germany. Juliana is wearing Hannah Arendt's Long Blue Fringe Earrings.

Felina likes to be paid with chocolate, dark chocolate to be precise but any will do.

And of course, we used the necessary precautions to be safe. To see the collection click here!