Tipping Point

It seems like we are going through a major shift in the world, particularly in the United States. Coronavirus accelerated the trends that were inevitably forthcoming, like retail stores closing, take-out services increasing, online shopping spiking, and young professionals moving out of big cities. It is a time of uncertainty and change and obviously people are scared and it’s showing all over, but especially in the US. 

As an American currently living abroad, I am able to see my country form a different perspective, outside my American bubble, and it looks really ugly. It is extremely disappointing to see my country, one of the most powerful, if not, the most powerful country in the world, have no control, accountability, nor any type of leadership in these times that it is crucial to be diligent, receptive,  and responsive. The US has completely failed to remain as a world leader during this pandemic and it is embarrassing. How is it possible that in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, citizens had no access to testing, no access to face masks, and no access to social programs.

Not only has the pandemic unveiled the lack of leadership in the White House but it has also ripped off the bandages of purulent wounds in our country, the wounds of systemic racism, social inequality, and a broken health system. Corona was thought to be the great equalizer but it actually only served to magnify our deep rooted inequalities.

I say this because I love my country and I’m deeply disillusioned by the direction that the US seems to be heading to. I don’t care if you’re a liberal or a republican, we can all agree that there’s a bigger virus in our country than Corona, and that is the current division of the people. I am tired of snobby liberals always trying to be PC  and shaming others that disagree with them and I am tired of racist conservatives not being able to adapt to the changes of our country. 

As I criticize my country I also want to say that I believe we will get better but before this happens, we gotta dig out the filth first, and that is exactly what's going on right now. I believe that there’s always a silver lining. With that said, I read a beautiful essay by Charles Eisenstein. I recommend reading it with an open mind, and most importantly, with an open heart.

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