Switzerland and the Million Dollar View

My first time in Switzerland was actually back in 2018. I planned a three-week vacation to France, Switzerland, and Italy, one week for each country. When I arrived to Switzerland I quickly realized how freaking expensive it was and I also realized how polite and unfriendly the people were. I visited Zurich, Luzerne, and Grindelwald and after four days only, I decided to leave. Funny thing is that when I left I remember telling myself, “I would NEVER live in this country. It is beautiful but it’s so boring! Where's the party people at?” Fast forward four years, and I still can’t believe I lived here for a year and half. 

Life is so crazy it never stops to amaze me. I lived in the canton of Zurich, a small town called Ruti, 25 minutes south of Zurich. And when I say 25 minutes, I mean it. The Swiss train system is out of this world, is punctual and immaculate. Of course, me being from LA, this is unheard of. I’m used to waiting for the bus up to an hour and sitting on filthy seats that reek of urine. So I was delighted by the cleanliness and organization skills of the Swiss people.

Switzerland’s standard of living is incomparable. I’ve traveled quite a bit now and I can honestly say that Switzerland is the best country I’ve ever lived in. Being surrounded by the picturesque Alps and the incredible lush, really does something to your brain. Moon & Milk can get stressful at times but with a simple walk in the woods and the breathtaking sunsets, you’re instantly grounded with a warm feeling of serenity. I will never forget my walks in the woods, these memories will stay with me forever. 

One of the things I found very surprising during my stay here were the flags that hang all over the country. Even on the street where I lived, I can literally count three flags, but now I understand. The Swiss people have an immense pride and love for their culture, I mean, why wouldn't they?! This place is freaking gorgeous!  

Growing up in Los Angeles, and coming from the hood, I never had a backyard, my window view was the parking lot or another ghetto building lol, so I’m eternally grateful that life gave me this opportunity to have a forest in my backyard and a million dollar view of the Alps. 

Thank you Switzerland and the ladies from Die Post. You ladies rock!

Forever Dreaming, Forever Grateful

Love Always,

-Ale G.

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