Summer in Berlin

I spent my pandemic 2020 summer in Berlin. I had visited this city the year before in autumn and I was not impressed at all. It was cold, gray, and very industrial, not very charming I must say but everyone kept saying that Berlin in the summer was an entire different city so I gave it a second chance. When I arrived to Prenzlauer Berg in May 2020, it reminded me of La Condesa in Mexico City. This cute picturesque district was full of art, vegan shops, independent outdoor markets, and thrift shops. A hipster's wet dream LOL! I also had the chance to live in two other districts, Neukolln and Kreuzberg and they were all awesome in case you're wondering, this city has a funky soul. Wherever you go in Berlin, rest assure you'll have a blast because you'll never run out of alcohol, just walk out to the street and the spati is just right around the corner. 





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