A New Perspective

I just entered a new phase in my life, I've discovered the spiritual world and I have mixed emotions about it. I've learned new things about myself and I've become more aware of the things I say and my emotions. It's very interesting to catch yourself reacting to certain things and understanding why you reacted that way. It teaches you to better manage your emotions but it is a lot of work. It is exhausting because now you have to be the bigger person and who likes to be the bigger person? I am now constantly thinking of alternative ways I can manage certain situations and how I can improve next time. Before I would just throw a tantrum and move on to the next one, but now that I am a bit more aware, I have to work on myself.  Do you have any idea how hard this is for an impulsive person like myself? Practice makes perfect though, and I will continue doing the work because I know it's worth it.

I am older now, I will be 30 this March and I'm managing my business, Moon & Milk and being emotionally intelligent is definitely an advantage when running a company. I am a completely different person than I was last year. I have my lows but I guess in the beginning of your healing there's a lot of work to do but it gets better because you become a better version of yourself. I am a work of art in progress and I hope you are too.

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