Spiritual and Mexican?

I just discovered the spiritual world and I have mixed emotions about it. I've learned new things about myself and I've become more aware of the things I say and my emotions. Of course, this is a good thing because you can learn to control your reactions to people, work, pretty much to life but the downside to this is that when you become aware, it can become tiring! I am now constantly thinking of alternative ways I could've reacted to a certain situation and how I can improve next time. Before I would get upset at something and that would be the end of it, until the next tantrum, and the next one, and so on. Now, I have to work on it, do that whole apology thing, and communicate. Do you have any idea how hard this is for a Mexican LOL?! I grew up in a traditional Mexican home where you don't cry and don't express your emotions or else you're a pussy and your entire family makes fun of you. I couldn't even cry at movies because you better believe, I would've been the laughing stock for years...so annoying!

I am older now, I will be 30 this March and I am a completely different person than I was last year, a 180 degree change. I have my lows but I guess in the beginning of your healing there's a lot of work to do but it gets better because you become better. I am better. Although, my family calls me the "hippie" now...

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