Jump Like Alice

If you are thinking of becoming a freelancer, let me tell you something, Moon & Milk is the best thing in my life. Moon & Milk gives me the freedom to do the thing that I‘ve always wished for so much: to travel. Moon & Milk also helped me to discover my creative power, and with that, I am able to design jewelry whenever and wherever. It doesn't matter in which corner of the world I am in, as long as I have my jewelry materials, I can produce new designs from anywhere. Therefore, if you are dithering about taking the big jump, let me convince you:

You Get to Sleep In

I actually don't sleep in but if you're one of those people that likes to wake up at 2 pm, as a freelancer, you can do it!

You Create Your Own Schedule

Whether you wake up at 7 am or 2 pm, you need to create a work schedule. The beauty in this is that you determine the hours you are willing to put. You can make it as flexible as possible or as rigid as you like, nonetheless, a schedule is important to keep you well organized and efficient. So, if you want a 3-hour lunch, take it! As long as stuff is getting done.

No Slacks

Who likes to wear slacks and button-down shirts? As a freelancer, you can work in your pajamas all day long (I don’t recommend it) or your favorite old jeans, I can assure you nobody will tell you anything. 

No Restrictions on Your Creative Power

As a freelancer you can create whatever you want, the world is your playground! No boss is going to tell you that your idea sucks because now you get to decide what stays and what goes. There is going to be a lot of trial and error but it’s all part of the learning process and eventually your audience or clients will drive you to make a few changes, but ultimately you're the one who calls the shots. Only you know what truly works at the end.

Life is Fun Again

When you do things with love and dedication it doesn't feel like work, it becomes fun and you lose track of time. You no longer find yourself looking at the clock every hour but you are so consumed with what you love doing that you will wish days to have more than 24 hours.

It’s My Time

My time is mine, and only mine. Nobody predisposes my time anymore, and this is the ultimate privilege for me. If I want to go on vacation, I can, If I don’t feel like working, I don’t, If I want to go for a walk, I can. Deciding what I want to do with my time is worth more than all the money in the world because unlike money, you don't get your time back. Time is precious, time is priceless.

If you are undecided whether or not you should become a freelancer, I am here to tell you, fuck yeah! Just do it, jump like Alice!

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