On the Endless Search for Freedom

According to Morgan Freeman on Our Planet II , “All life on earth depends on the freedom to move”. I watched this documentary last night and since 4th of July  (US Independence Day) is fast approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to write about freedom.

I think after love, freedom is one of the main pillars of life. When you really think about it, you can’t have freedom without love, it's impossible. Love and freedom are the ultimate goals we should strive for so when I see people being denied of the two most essential things in life, it breaks my heart and I find it hard to understand.

My parents are undocumented immigrants living in the US for about 35 years now. There were some opportunities that my parents could’ve taken but life happens and those opportunities were missed. And now, my parents are stuck in the US without being able to go back to see their families or come visit me here in Germany. My mom hasn’t seen her parents in over 20 years and I can’t even imagine how I would feel if I would go that long without seeing my parents. I would die of a broken heart but my parents are like rubber bands, super fucking resilient. 

When our freedom to move is restrained, our most human instincts come into play, and it's either the love or the hunger card that we play. But love is the highest card in the game so you better believe you will walk or swim thousands of miles to reach the promised land, all for love. I have seen the Central American and Venezuelan migrant caravans trying to escape their failed and corrupt governments. I have seen images of drowned Syrians and Africans trying to get to Europe, and of course I have seen images of migrant children in “detention centers”. Ultimately, the goal is the same everywhere, people trying to be free. And what happens when they finally reach the promised land (if they even make it)? Their integration to their new country is systematically denied, and their freedom is restrained all over again.  

Of course I am bias when it comes to the topic of immigration, I am daughter of immigrants, and now, I am an immigrant in Germany. Lucky me, I was born in the US and people like to compare US citizenship to winning the lottery, and I must admit, that having the freedom to move anywhere I want is a privilege that I am thankful for everyday. The personal IS political, it affects every fibre in our lives whether you realize it or not. 

So this 4th of July, let freedom ring! Remember that freedom and love is a human right, it is essential to live a dignified life. Whether it is the freedom to move, or the freedom to be YOU, do not ever take it for granted because your life depends on it.

Comment below and tell me what freedom means to you!

Love Always,

Alejandra G.

*On June 14th, more than 600 refugees died on Greek waters and nobody is being held accountable. Click here to read more.

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