Did Moon & Milk Make it to Paris Fashion Week?

Ok, so some of you guys might be wondering what happened to my invitation to Paris Fashion Week last weekend. Well... I did a fundraiser on GoFundMe but unfortunately I was not able to fundraise the entire amount, and therefore, couldn’t attend the show. Of course, I was devastated because I tried every resource out there to get the money but it just didn’t work. I was also extremely stressed because I felt like this was a once-in a lifetime opportunity  and it had just slipped away. I felt like a complete failure and of course I cried. I filled up my tub with hot water and began to cry. Once I released all of my emotions and stress, I realized that I had lost a battle but not the war. I was not going to give up. 

I thought to be a little rebel and ship my jewelry to the fashion show since they had already e-mailed me the tickets and all the info and itinerary for the show. I thought, “Why not? I got nothing to lose. Hopefully, they won’t notice”. Of course, Flying Solo realized that I had not paid the fee and sent me an invoice reminder. Ok, so I got caught in trying to take over the world in a sneaky way. The only thing I had left was my story to tell. I wrote a heart-felt letter to the organizers of the show and was completely honest about my struggles and about my drive to get in the fashion industry. I was hoping they would write back and tell me, “Alejandra, you’re an amazing designer and we understand your struggle, we would like you to come to Paris!” Well this scenario only happened in my dream world of course. Nevertheless, they replied and invited me for the 2021 Spring Paris Fashion Show! I still need to pay the participation fee but now I have more time to save up and the Christmas season is coming so I am hoping all of you buy lots of earrings this holiday season. Don’t give up on your dreams!

Ps. Special thanks for everyone who donated! It paid for the deposit :) For those who donated  $150 or more, I am currently working on your custom made earrings.

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