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Felina taking photos underwater

Last summer I was fortunate to visit Bavaria in Germany and I was able to spent more time during the winter. I was surrounded by the most turquoise lakes I had ever seen, majestic white mountains, and unforgettable sunsets. As an American, I know we have this stereotype of Germany of being gray, industrial, and cold. (Actually, the latter is true, it's freaking cold!) But when you travel, all your pre-conceived notions and all these stupid stereotypes are debunked of course. Bavaria is a picturesque region with warm-hearted people, oh, and delicious bread!

My friend Felina Beckenbauer is a photographer and offered to do an underwater photoshoot. To be honest, I had no idea how all this was going to play out but I trusted her because I know she's a talented young woman. A small group of us went to a nearby lake where she lives and she made magic happen. Felina took outstanding photographs and this wouldn't had been possible without the help of others. It really was a team effort of both women and men, but I like to emphasize the work of  women because Moon & Milk, after all, is about woman empowerment and shining light on their achievements. I'm very grateful for the men the helped us with this awesome and fun photoshoot, they deserve some credit too, just a little bit...LOL

So after almost five months, I was finally able to create a collection that reflected my perspective of Bavaria. Many people will see this collection and think that it's not Bavarian at all. I just want to emphasize that this is MY point of view of Bavaria, it is through my lens. The young people are wild, in touch with nature, hungry for adventure, and most importantly, they are aware of the importance of taking care of their environment. Why wouldn't they be, their backyard is a forest, a true gem gifted by mother nature, and they recognize this gift. The young people are proud to be Bavarian because they know the beauty that it offers and I wanted to reflect this unique radiance with my collection, and I only hope that I did a good job. 

Therefore, I dedicate this collection to all the wonderful people I have met not only in Bavaria, but in Germany. The people here have been extremely welcoming and  I am forever grateful for having met them. 

Thank you Germany for giving me an unforgettable chapter in my life.

Love Always,

-Ale G.

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