Behind the 13 Heavens Collection

I split my time between the US and Europe because my friends and family are here in the US but my love is in Europe. I travel a lot and constantly move to different cities and this has been nothing but a dream come true but challenging, nevertheless. Challenging because it’s difficult to build genuine, deep-rooted, open-hearted relationships. I downloaded Bumble and turned on the “BFF” mode to make friends and through my many BBF meet-ups, I have discovered one very discouraging thing: women lack so much confidence. I yet have to meet a woman that is comfortable in her own skin. In ALL my meet-ups, and this might sound like an exaggeration, but seriously, I have NOT met a single woman that loved herself. If you know me on a personal level, you know I’m pretty confident and I love to encourage my friends to pursue their craziest aspirations. But meet-up, after meet-up, I keep meeting women full of doubts, and baseless fears, and just plain self-hatred, it’s just awful and I’d like to do something about this ubiquitous issue. 

With that said, I created the 13 Heavens Collection. The Aztecs believed in a heaven and an underworld. There were thirteen levels of heaven and nine of the underworld.  The Aztecs believed that where you went after death depended upon what you did on earth and how you died. The eastern paradise, the “house of the sun” was the home of the souls of warriors who were killed in combat. 

I am very proud of my Mexican indigenous heritage. My great grandfather was from the Otomi region and spoke the Otomi dialect. This group of people were known to be Aztec warriors so I know I come from a lineage of warrior women and men. It’s in my blood. And that is why I created this collection. I am exasperated of meeting up with women ashamed of themselves, that doubt themselves, that can’t find the courage and the power within themselves to create a better life. I am exhausted by the excuses, in this life you gotta grab the bull by its horns or you will be tossed and turned in all directions. The earrings from this collection are bold, for the woman that no longer wants to hide and she’s ready to be seen. With these earrings, you better believe you will turn heads, you WILL be seen, and when they see you, chin up, pop your chest, and demand your deepest desires. I hope when you wear a pair from the 13 Heavens Collection, you walk confidently to the direction of your wildest dreams. 

I make earrings for the warrior woman. 

Love Always,

Ale G.

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