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  • 925 sterling silver bob bon earrings with pietersite gemstone balls
  • Stone: Pistersite
  • Keywords: Grounding, protection, power
  • Drop Height: 2.5 in.
  • Hand selected
  • Nickel free
  • Free shipping

“You can always tell ambitious women by the shape of our heads: They're flat on top for being patted patronizingly.” - Steve Shirley



Pietersite is also known as tempest stone as it is a stone that carries a charge, a little like a storm raging within it. It brings cleansing energy to aid you to create change.

This is a crystal that is very stimulating to your energy field, and helps you to let go of unwanted habits and negative ways of living your life. it has a strong vibration that makes an energetic connection to your deeper spiritual inner self.

This crystal aids shamanic journeying, and is a stone that encourages you to understand you are a spiritual being.  It helps you to access spiritual guidance, and allows you to look further than where you are now, to see the big picture.

This utilizing of the power of your imagination to dream, and to create beautiful visions and ideals is very powerful.

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