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Rupi XX

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"Rupi X"
  • 925 sterling silver hoop chandelier earrings with wire-wrapped garnet teardrops
  • Stone: Hessonite garnet
  • Keywords: Regeneration, vitality, and order
  • Drop height: 1.5 in.
  • Nickel free
  • Free shipping
"my voice is the offspring 
of two countries colliding
what is there to be ashamed of
if english and my mother tongue
made love

my voice is her father's words
and mother's accent
what is the matter if
my mouth carries two worlds"

accent - Rupi Kaur



Garnet is known to be a symbol of glory, love, regeneration, stability, beauty, truth and persistence. When one wears Garnet as a piece of jewelry, it has the potential to lift one’s confidence and bring about a new sense of popularity. It has been known to be the warriors stone (

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