Silver Plated vs. Sterling Silver

What’s the difference between silver plated and sterling silver?

Have you ever bought a ring and after a week you see a green rim around your finger? We all have been there, and we all have been disappointed because we can no longer wear our favorite ring. The reason why your favorite piece of jewelry tarnished is because it’s most likely plated. When you buy plated silver or plated gold, it means that an alloy has been covered in silver or gold but the ring itself it’s not silver nor gold (a real gold ring will obviously not cost you $10 bucks!) But after use and wear the plating will come off and eventually it will leave a nasty green mark on your earlobes or fingers. Avoid buying plated jewelry since it will end up in the trash. 925 Sterling silver rings are pocket friendly and they last forever because they're 92.5% sterling silver and 7.5% copper or another alloy. Moon & Milk has a great sterling silver ring collection for the bohemian goddess or for the timeless minimalist woman. Check out our collection here.

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