How to Care for Oxidized Sterling Silver Jewelry

Black Orquid is focused in sterling silver jewelry only. We do love gold but plated and filled gold only last so long until it begins to tarnish and it goes to the trash. With sterling silver all you gotta do is wear it from preventing it from tarnishing, due to the oils that your skin releases. Sterling silver will never leave a green residue on your skin and if you're allergic to nickel, sterling silver is the right metal for you.

In case you have not noticed, Black Orquid has a small inclined to oxidized sterling silver. We love oxidized silver because it gives it a vintage boho look that we all love. Unlike, high-polished silver (the very shinny type), you can't use an anti-tarnish solution to clean your oxidized silver because it will wash off the vintage look. Use a simple silver polishing cloth to remove dirt without stripping the oxidization. They're are super economical and it will make your silver look brand new.

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